Theoretical Reims-Tomsk Spectral data

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Silane SiH4

All theoretical silane spectra in TheoReTS are calculated by the variational method from the following ab initio based potential energy surface (PES) and dipole moment surfaces (DMS):

A. Nikitin, Y. S. Chizhmakova, M. Rey, and V. Tyuterev , Ab initio calculations of energy levels and ro-vibrational spectra for SiH4 molecule,
HRMS Colloquium , Dijon, France, September 2015.

Variational method for vibration-rotation spectra calculations is the same as in case of methane ( see "methane" panel)

Spectra simulations (Cross-section, Absorbtion coefficient, Absorption, Transmittance, and Radiance) are available in the wave number range 0 - 9000 cm-1 and temperature range 70 - 300 K.

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Line-by-line lists are in progress.