Theoretical Reims-Tomsk Spectral data

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Theoretical line lists of methane

Since November 2017, three types of data could be made available for downloading or simulations :
  1. Full line-by-line (LbL) linelists at low and/or room
    reference temperatures without quantum identification of the transition (“full_LbL_lists”). The cut-off restrictions ( described case-by-case) permit to employ these “full_LbL_lists” within the temperatures range ( Tmin = 50 K , Tmax = 400 K), by an appropriate use of the T-dependence for intensities and for the partition functions.
  2. “Hybrid” compressed data sources designed for a fast spectra modeling.  
    At high temperatures, the spectra could be very congested including many millions or even billions of transitions ( see refs [1], [2]). To accelerate a modeling of spectral functions in these cases the initially computed full LbL lists are partitioned into two sets:
    (b1) “Light lists” contain strong and medium transitions necessary for an accurate description of sharp features in absorption/emission spectra.
    (b2) For a fast and efficient modeling of quasi-continuum cross sections, billions of tiny lines are compressed in “super-lines” libraries according to  ref [3].
    Warning (!) :  For a correct use of these “hybrid”  data sources, the spectral functions computed from (b1) “Light lists” and from (b2) “quasi-continuum” must be summed together. Otherwise , a part of the opacity would be missing.
  3. Linelists at various reference temperatures with full quantum identification of the transition (Assigned linelists) : currently few limited examples – under development.
The "Archived data" subdirectory contain previous versions of data ( considered as obsolete ).

References ( high-T and data compression methods):
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Ab initio surfaces are described in refs:

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