Theoretical Reims-Tomsk Spectral data

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Line-by-line lists of methane at low and room temperatures

January, 2016

The lists contain 3 columns and are generated with the format
corresponding to
Nu (cm-1)   Int (cm/molecule)   Elow (cm-1)

Isotopologue 12CH4

Line-by-line list of 12CH4 at 80K in range 0-12000 cm-1 (Scut=1E-27cm/molecule, size=1.83MB);
Line-by-line list of 12CH4 at 296K in range 0-12000 cm-1 (Scut=1E-26cm/molecule, size=4.77MB);

Isotopologue 13CH4

Line-by-line list of 13CH4 at 296K in range 0-13400 cm-1  (Scut=1E-26cm/molecule, size=4.64MB);

Isotopologue 12CH3D

Line-by-line list of 12CH3D at 296K in range 0-6000 cm-1  (Scut=1E-25cm/molecule, size=1.94MB);

Isotopologue 12CD4

Line-by-line list of 12CD4 at 296K in range 0-3400 cm-1  (12CD4_0_3400_296K_1E25.pred.gz, size=269KB).