Theoretical Reims-Tomsk Spectral data

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Molecules section

The section Molecules is used to download selected lists of spectral lines (Fig. 1). The menu at the left part of the viewport allows one to select the molecule. Each molecule is represented as a menu item or as a submenu depending on how many linelists are currenly available for selected molecule.

Fig. 1. The Molecules section

In general case for each isotopologue of each molecule can be available four types of  linelist.
  • Linelists at low (80 K) and room (296 K) reference temperatures without quantum identification of the transition (Low and room T linelists).
  • Linelists at high reference temperatures (500 K, 1000 K, 1500 K, and 2000 K) without quantum identification of the transition (High T linelists). Usually high-temperature linelists are rather big. Therefore two kinds of high-temperature linelists are available:
    • Light linelists with intensity cutoff 1E-25 - 1E-26 cm-1 that can be used for preliminary qualitative analysis.;
    • Full linelists with intensity cutoff 1E-27 cm-1 and lower that can be used for exact analysis.
  • Linelists at various reference temperatures with full quantum identification of the transition (Assigned linelists).
Each linelist page contains a list of available line lists and a brief description of each line list. All the line lists are packed in gzip format. If the file of the linelist is large enough, it is splitted into pieces of approximately 150M. This is done to ensure a reasonable downloading time for a single file.