Theoretical Reims-Tomsk Spectral data

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  • Theoretical aspects of the spectra prediction and simulattion;
  • Review of the system functionality;
  • Download of predicted line lists represented by the system;
  • Simulation of high- or low-resolution spectrum for various physical conditions (temperature, pressure, path length) and simulation parameters (intensity cutoff, contour shape, wing length, resolution, etc);
  • Graphical and numerical representation of the results of spectrum simulation;
  • Download simulation results on user's computer;
  • Store simulation results in user's archive on the server.

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  • Conception of the system , line lists with mixed “ab initio / effective” model : Vladimir Tyuterev  (URCA);
  • Models of Potential Energy Surfaces (PES) and Dipole Moment Surfaces (DMS) used for spectra prediction: Andrei Nikitin (TSU,IAO);
  • Variational calculations, predicted lists of spectral lines: Michael Rey (URCA);
  • System design, functionality, bugs: Yury Babikov (TSU,IAO).

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